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TP. 2012/2013

Mrs. Steve        : good morning, mr. joe. How are you.
Mr. joe             : oh. Mr. steve. I’m fine, and what about you ?
Mr. steve          : very well, by the way, I have something important to talk   to you.
Mr. joe             : do you ? what is it ?
Mr. steve          : what about discuissing it later, after work ?
Mr. joe             : I see no objection. See you then, mr. steve.
Mr. steve          : see you, too, mr. joe.

Grace               : hey, sue. Have you finished your math assignment ?
Sue                  : not yet, really. What’s up ?
Grace               : well, I have not either. How about working together after school ?
Sue                  : I really want to, but I have had another plan, actually.
Grace               : really ? that’s to bad. Good luck anyway.

Thomas           : hello, this is espana printer call centre.
Young girl        : hello , I need a help. My printer got jammed.
Thomas           : please. Turn it of. Wait for a second and turn it on again.
Toung girl        : ok.wait a minute
Thomas           : does it print again ?
Young girl        : yes, it does. Thank you.

Vega                : you look tired. This isn’t your first time for swimming, is it ?
Mila                 : yes, it is
Vega                : really ? well, you should be proud of yourself for finally coming. It’s great, isn’t it ?
Mila                 : yes, you’re right. Have a lot of practices, don’t you?
Vega                : not really. I only go for swimming twice a month. Why do you stop swimming ? you are not going home already, are you ?
Mila                 : yes, I am
Vega                : why so soon ?
Mila                 : I have a lot of workto do at home. Okay, see you later, vega.
Vega                : take care of yourself, mila.

Sam                 : what’s the matter with you, phil ? have you been desperate ?
Phil                  :oh, sam and my dad just got angry with me .
Sam                 : no, really ? what a terrible thing to have happened ?
Phil                  : he said that he didn’t want me to get a bad mark on the next exams anymore.
Sam                 : I can imagine you fell bad. But, I think your dad is right.
Phil                  : I hate him. Why does he always force me ?
Sam                 : don’t say that. You must get success if you study hard.

Roger               : hi martina. Whats the latest news on your mother ?
Martina           : she died a week ago. The cancer was too far advanced.
Roger               : oh, really ? I’m sorry to hear that. It must be pretty hard on you.
Martina           : it is. Why did she have ti die? She is still young.
Roger               : I know how you must fell.
Martina           : well. It is god’s will, isn’t it ?

Jeff                  : hi don. How are you doing ?
Don                 : pretty good. And you ?
Jeff                  : no bad. Listen don. Blake and I are going to have dinner out this evening.
                        Why don’t you go with us ?
Don                 : well. I won’t say no.
Jeff                  : ok. I’ll pick you up at 7.00 p.m.
Don                 : all right. I’ll be ready then.

Mother             : hey, sue. Come here and help me please.
Sue                  : no worries, mom. I’m coming. What should I do for you, mom ?
Mother             : take a look at my hand-phone, will you ? it went blank.
Sue                  : yes, mom I will.


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