Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Good morning all
          Honorable,to my teacher and ALLAH S.W.T who has given us many mercies and blessing so we can join in this study without any trobles.
          Unforgettable,I want say special thank you to my friend in the class.
          Well,in this occasion,I would like to give a short speech about the important of learning English.I don’t want to talk too much how important English is because all of us have known why we learn much English in the class.I don’t think that learning English is just to know how to read and understand operating handphone,computer,and many gadgets which all of  them are usually operated in English.I just convince you all that English is regarded important because it gives us opportunity to open closed thing in this world.
          A lot of things are being closed because we don’t understand how to open it.By understanding English,I do believe that we can open what we haven’t opened yet.For instances,how to make peace in this world?i do believe that peace in this world will only be achieved through discussion.Wars can figh agansts because peace will never be gained by wars.Yes,only honest discussion we will find the peace.
          Further more,without English,the discussion is dosed.There fore,we should understand English to open the discussion.It is enough.Don’t talk too nuch we can gain peace without knowing how to discuss in English to stop the war in the world,do you?
          Finally,for example like that
          I hope that we can open all closed
          If we can know speak English,I believe we can found subjek positive things in this word by knowing,understanding,and practicing English.I thing that’s all and thank you very much for you attention.


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